How To Help Your Dog If He Has Been Hit By A Car

Your dog is a curious animal. They may always stay in the yard and by your side, but that one time they see a stray cat or a squirrel across the road, they may go darting towards it. They are not going to look first before crossing the street and could end up running into the road and into the path of an oncoming car. If your dog is hit by a car, it can be a very scary moment for you, the person driving the car, and for your dog as well. To help your dog if they have been hit by a moving vehicle, read on for tips to help guide you to get your dog the help they are going to need.

1. Keep Calm

Crying and screaming, even if this is all you want to do, is not going to help anyone at all, least of all your dog. Try your best to keep yourself calm and collected while you attempt to help your dog. If you aren't thinking straight, you could make crucial mistakes that may lead to your dog getting hurt further. If you are crying and yelling, it could also spook your dog, scaring them to attempt to run and hurt themself even more. Take a deep breath and tend to your dog.

2. Get Them Somewhere Safe

If your dog is still in the middle of the road, you need to move them somewhere safe. You need to get both of you out of danger. You don't want them to get hit again, and you also need to be safe. This is especially true if you live on a busy street or highway.

3. Look At Their Injuries

Look over your dog and attempt to figure out how They are injured. Do they have noticeable scrapes or cuts? Are they bleeding, and where is it coming from? Can they move their legs, or walk at all? Look over their body and look at their injuries. If they are unable to walk, you're going to have to put them on a board of some sort to move them so you don't further aggravate their injuries. If your dog can walk, you can get them to your car to get them to the animal hospital for a thorough exam and for treatment.

4. Take Them To The Animal Hospital

You need to take your dog to the pet hospital for a checkup. Even if you don't see your dog as being injured, they could have internal injuries that are going to need medical attention. If your dog goes without medical attention, those internal injuries could get the better of them, and your dog's injuries could worsen, and they may not be able to heal from them.

If your dog is hit by a car, it's a very scary thing for everyone around. Do your best to stay calm and get your dog the medical attention they are going to need. Call the animal hospital on the way there so they know you are coming and what has happened.