What to Do When Your Pet Needs Emergency Care

If you have a pet, you likely schedule regular veterinarian appointments. But what happens if your pet is sick or injured when the clinic is closed? Finding an emergency veterinarian or a pet hospital that is open after hours is your best option if you need help after the vet is closed.

Understanding More About Pet Hospitals

To people that don't have pets, the idea of an emergency pet hospital might seem strange, but animals can have severe emergencies, and they deserve the same care as people do. The emergency animal hospital has staff available all the time to care for any sick or injured animal. 

The pet hospital is a lot like your regular vet's office, but with more emergency equipment and necessary supplies to be prepared as soon as the animal arrives. If you are bringing an animal in for treatment, it is a good idea to call the pet hospital and let them know you are coming so they can be sure to have the right doctors ready to help your pet. 

Finding a Pet Hospital

Most large cities have pet hospitals, and some smaller towns may share locations that you can take your pet to. Regional pet hospitals are not always close by, so if you are taking your pet into a regional hospital, call to make sure they are there and can see you. 

If you don't know where to find an animal hospital, a quick search of the internet can help locate a hospital near you and may list the hours, the type of care they offer, and what they accept for payment. You may also find some reviews of the facility, but unless they are awful and there is another option close to you, you may have to take a chance and take your pet in any way. 

Call your vet and see if they have an after-hours answering service that can suggest a pet hospital for you and give you the information you need to find the facility.

Knowing When to Take Your Pet

Deciding to take your pet to an animal hospital is not always easy because they can't tell you when they are not feeling well. If your pet is not acting like their usual self or is lethargic, not eating, and getting sick, take them to get checked. 

If the pet animal was hit by a car or had some other trauma, they should also get checked out. You are the one person that will be able to tell if there is something off with your pet, so if you feel they need to go to a pet hospital, take them. It is better to over-react than to lose your pet due to indecision.