4 Ways To Take Care Of Your Dog’s Teeth

Part of owning a dog means taking proper care of all their health needs, including their oral health. Once you have the right knowledge, it is relatively easy to handle this task.

Tip #1: Use Dry Food

First, if you want to take good care of your dog's teeth, you need to make sure you are feeding them the right food. In general, dry dog food is better than soft dog food. Soft food is more likely to get stuck in your dog's teeth and lead to decay. Hard food is better for your dog's teeth because it doesn't get stuck.

Tip #2: Give Your Dog Proper Chew Toys

The chew toys you provide your dog with can help their oral health. When you purchase chew toys, look for toys that are made to help improve the strength of your dog's teeth and gums. Also, make sure the chews toys you pick for your dog are large enough that your dog can't swallow them and sturdy enough that small pieces will not fall off the toy either.

Don't use things such as actual animal bones or sticks as toys. Both homemade chew toys could break apart in your dog's mouth and harm their mouth and digestive tract.

Tip #3: Use Dental Treats to Reward Your Dog

When you reward your dog for listening and doing something right, reward your dog with some dental treats. Dog dental treats have specific ingredients that are designed to clean your dog's mouth and help make their breath smell better.

These treats come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you are sure to find one that your dog enjoys eating.

Tip #4: Brush Your Dog's Teeth

Finally, you need to brush your dog's teeth. It works best if you start brushing your dog's teeth when they are a puppy so it is natural and normal to them to have their teeth brushed. You can start brushing your dog's teeth when they are an adult; you just need to have a little patience with them.

You need to purchase a toothbrush and toothpaste for your dog; don't use human toothpaste, as that can be poisonous to dogs. Start slowly and stop when your dog gets agitated.

Use the tips above to help take care of your dog's teeth.  You also need to make sure you get your dog's teeth checked by your vet during a special veterinarian's check-up. Contact a pet dental care center to learn more.