Three Ways To Give Medication To Your Dog

Upon noticing any signs that your dog might be sick, it's important to visit the pet's veterinarian promptly. They may run tests to determine what is wrong with the dog and then discuss the many options that are available for caring for the animal. Often, the vet will provide you with a supply of medication that you'll need to give the dog for a specific number of days. You might initially feel intimidated by this process, especially if you don't have any previous experience with giving the animal medication. Don't be afraid to ask the vet about the best way to administer the medication, as this can help improve your confidence. Depending on the type of medicine, here are three options that may be available.

Combining It With Food

Several types of medication for dogs come in a pill. While some dogs with large appetites may eat a pill upon you holding it out to them, this won't necessarily be the case with your family pet. A popular way to ensure that your dog swallows its pills is by combining the medication with food. Your vet may have some specific instructions, but using something that is soft and malleable is often a good approach. For example, you might place the pill inside a ball of peanut butter and then give the peanut butter to your pet.

Administering It In A Syringe

Other dog medications are available in a liquid format, so combining this type of substance with food won't work. Instead, you'll generally want to administer it with a syringe—albeit one that doesn't have the needle attached to it. Upon drawing up the proper amount of medication into the syringe, you'll simply push it into your pet's mouth. Try to do so toward the rear of the mouth, as this will make the dog more likely to swallow it. While you can perform this task alone, it's generally better to have an assistant. One person can hold the animal's mouth open while the other handles the syringe.

Rubbing On The Dog's Coat

Occasionally, the veterinarian will provide medication that you simply need to rub on your dog's coat. This will result in the absorption of the substance. This is arguably the easiest way to give medication to your dog, but you'll need to take the right approach. Often, your vet will ask you to apply the medication where the dog can't lick it off. In many cases, the back of the dog's neck or its upper back will be good locations.

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