Why Does Your Pet Need A Wellness Routine?

Everyone would likely agree that a thoughtful and consistent wellness routine is ideal for humans. However, your dogs and cats can also benefit from a wellness routine as well. It is so healthy to have a wellness plan for your pet to keep them healthy and prevent disease. A wellness routine approved by your veterinarian can change as your pet gets older. The following are some things you should have in your dog or cat's wellness plan to make sure they remain in optimal health:

Have Regular Checkups with Your Veterinarian

Just like for humans, it is important that you take your pets to the vet each year for their annual exams. The annual wellness exam allows your vet to keep track of your pet's weight, take blood for annual lab work, update their vaccinations, and check their overall health. The wellness exam is also a time where you can discuss the preventative measures to keep your pets free from heartworms and other parasites. You will also discuss flea and tick prevention and discuss the measures you are currently taking and how well they are working for your pet.

If you have any questions about your pet's health, this is the time to ask. If you have noted any changes in your pet's behavior over the last year, be sure to bring it up at the appointment. Aging pets may also receive additional testing for chronic conditions often afflicted by pets. The best way to keep your pet healthy is to catch any potential issues before they happen.

Maintain a Healthy Diet for Your Pet

Humans need a quality diet to maintain their health. The same goes for dogs and cats. Diet plays a major role in a pet's health. Some pets need a special diet, whether it be for allergies or even due to their breed. If your pet seems to have reactions from their current diet, contact your vet to find out why this may be happening and what changes you can make to help them be more comfortable. Your pet may need additional supplements in their diet. Older pets may have some joint pain. A change in diet may be beneficial, especially if the pet is overweight. Always discuss changes in your pet's diet with your vet before you make them.

Ensure Your Pet Has Enough Stimulation

Stimulation is so important for dogs and cats. You can stimulate your pet by taking them for a walk a few times a day, playing with them in your yard, or getting some toys that encourage play. Certain breeds must have proper stimulation to control their overall behavior. Stimulation and exercise keep your pet physically and mentally healthy and is crucial to a pet's overall health.

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