What Should You Do When Your Cat Tears One Of Their Nails?

Cats don't often break and tear their nails since their nails grow differently than human nails. Cat nails grow in layers, so damage to the nail typically results in the upper layers shedding away, leaving healthy nail layers underneath. Deep damage to a nail, however, will damage all of the nail layers, resulting in pain and bleeding. A torn nail typically isn't a serious problem, but it needs to be managed — it can lead to infection, which can cause serious health issues if the infection allowed to spread. Read More 

Is It Safe To Go To The Vet During The COVID-19 Pandemic?

When a pet has a health problem or is due for its regular check-up, most pet parents immediately make an appointment. However, now is not an ordinary time. With the COVID-19 pandemic still ongoing, you might be hesitant to go outside if you don't absolutely have to. However, you should never neglect your pet's health. If you're worried about danger to you and potentially your pet by going to the veterinarian's office, here's what you should know. Read More 

Boarding a Dog With Health Problems

When your dog has health problems, it is even harder for you to go away and leave them behind. Not all kennels are equipped to care for dogs with special medical needs. Plus, you're bound to be worried about your furry friend! With the tips below, however, you can successfully board a dog with health problems, from arthritis to kidney disease. 1. Look for a boarding facility associated with a vet's office. Read More 

Is Marijuana Harmful To Pets?

With marijuana use on the rise, you need to safeguard your pet from accidental ingestion. Pets can get into your own stash or find it outdoors. Marijuana is toxic to animals, whether it's eaten or breathed in through the smoke. As a result, they can suffer severe reactions and may need emergency veterinary attention. Here is more about marijuana and pets and what it does to them. Why Is Marijuana Harmful For Pets? Read More 

Keys To Having A Stress-Free Dog Boarding Experience For Multiple Dogs

Going on vacation with multiple dogs can present a lot of problems, so much so that dog boarding might be an option you're considering. If it seems like the best way to care for multiple dogs while you're away, then do these things before leaving them with the selected dog boarding facility.  Try Preparing Dogs in Advance You don't want your dogs to be unprepared for this dog boarding experience, as that only makes it more difficult, on both you and the dogs. Read More