Let It Shine: How To Keep Your Dog’s Skin And Hair Healthy

If you have a dog in your family, you may want to take steps to ensure proper care. Part of that care includes the skin and hair. You might not realize this, but without proper care, your dog can develop serious skin problems. If you're not sure how to keep your dog's skin and hair healthy, here are some tips to get you started.  Ensure Proper Grooming If you're like most people, you spend time grooming yourself every day. Read More 

4 Reasons Why Annual Pet Exams Are Important

Your pet is like a member of the family and you would do anything to keep it healthy and happy. One of the best ways to ensure your furry family member's health and happiness is to schedule annual exams. A pet wellness exam can provide great insight into your pet's health. Here are a few reasons why annual pet exams are important. Receive Vaccinations Just like humans, pets require vaccinations to protect them against serious diseases. Read More 

3 Tips For Choosing A Cat-Only Veterinarian After Moving

When you're preparing to pick out a veterinarian to visit for your cats, there's a lot of things that you can be looking for in order to make sure that your cats will be comfortable. If you have more than one cat and are interested in a vet clinic that only sees cats, your options could be more limited, but there are still some things that you should pay attention to in order to feel confident about your decision. Read More 

Time To Spay Your Puppy? How To Ensure A Safe Recovery

If it's time to schedule your puppies spaying, it's time to plan for the recovery period. Reproductive surgery is a major procedure for your puppy. They may need some extra help during the recovery. On top of the post-operative instructions you'll get from the vet, here are some tips you can use to care for your puppy during recovery.  Let Them Stay the Extra Day You may want to get your puppy home as soon as possible after their surgery. Read More 

How To Take Care Of Your Pet This Summer

If you have a pet, you know how much love, care, and attention he needs year-round. However, during the summertime, your pet requires even more attention and care to ensure he remains healthy and safe. To ensure this happens with the increased humidity levels and temperatures, here are a few things to keep in mind over the summer. Hydration Some people do not realize it, but animals sweat. Due to the increased temperatures, your pet is going to start sweating more. Read More