4 Ways To Take Care Of Your Dog’s Teeth

Part of owning a dog means taking proper care of all their health needs, including their oral health. Once you have the right knowledge, it is relatively easy to handle this task. Tip #1: Use Dry Food First, if you want to take good care of your dog's teeth, you need to make sure you are feeding them the right food. In general, dry dog food is better than soft dog food. Read More 

What to Do When Your Pet Needs Emergency Care

If you have a pet, you likely schedule regular veterinarian appointments. But what happens if your pet is sick or injured when the clinic is closed? Finding an emergency veterinarian or a pet hospital that is open after hours is your best option if you need help after the vet is closed. Understanding More About Pet Hospitals To people that don't have pets, the idea of an emergency pet hospital might seem strange, but animals can have severe emergencies, and they deserve the same care as people do. Read More 

How To Help Your Dog If He Has Been Hit By A Car

Your dog is a curious animal. They may always stay in the yard and by your side, but that one time they see a stray cat or a squirrel across the road, they may go darting towards it. They are not going to look first before crossing the street and could end up running into the road and into the path of an oncoming car. If your dog is hit by a car, it can be a very scary moment for you, the person driving the car, and for your dog as well. Read More 

Three Way To Tell If Your Cat Is In Dental Distress

If you're like most people who share their lives with a feline friend, you undoubtedly want your cat to enjoy good health during its lifetime. Naturally, your pet is vaccinated against contagious illnesses, and you make sure it consumes a diet that promotes optimal feline health. However, like many cat owners, you may not be aware that cats can suffer from dental issues.  The three most common dental problems experienced by cats are gingivitis, periodontal disease, and tooth resorption. Read More